Time to give your visitors a break from annoying pop-ups! Capture more emails with Bargainators non-intrusive gamified chatbot tool.

To set up your first Email for Discount campaign, click the Campaigns tab of your app dashboard, and then New Campaign. 

The first section is Campaign configuration :

  1. Campaign Name is where you enter the name of your campaign (This is only visible to you)
  2. Campaign Type is where you select which kind of campaign you want to create ; Email for Discount or Bargain for Discount (For this article we will select Email for Discount)
  3. Active button is to turn on or off your campaign in a single click

Discount Options : This is where you setup the parameters of your Offer Discount for Email campaign.

  1. Discount Validity: You can set a determined amount of time, in minutes or hours, before the discount expires. Nothing like FOMO to help increase conversion. (Fear of missing out)
  2. Discount Percentage: Enter the discount % you want to offer in exchange of your shoppers email.
  3. Minimum Purchase: If you want to set a minimum purchase amount restriction to the discount you're offering in exchange for the email this is where you enter it.
  4. Last but not least, DON'T FORGET to click the Create Button if it's a new campaign, or the Save Changes button if it's an existing campaign that you edited. 

Voila, you've just launched a successful Email for Discount campaign. 

Now get as many visitors to your site as possible and grow that list!

As usual, if you need any help hit the chat widget in the bottom right corner of your app dashboard.

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