Say goodbye to the old & boring way of offering discounts for the sake of it and let your customers haggle for theirs. Bargainator is the world first negotiation chatbot for eCommerce. Shoppers are more likely to use of their discount if they have "worked" for it.

To set up your first Bargain a Discount campaign, click the Campaigns tab of your app dashboard, and then New Campaign  

The first section is Campaign configuration :

  1. Campaign Name is where you enter the name of your campaign (This is only visible to you)
  2. Campaign Type is where you select which kind of campaign you want to create; Email for Discount or Bargain for Discount (For this article we will select Bargain a Discount)
  3. Active button is to turn on or off your campaign in a single click

Use the Button Configuration section to customize the look and size of your discount button and it's Call to Action (CTA). Button customization if a great tool for A/B testing. 

Options are easy to understand but if you have any doubt, you can always click the ? next to the field name and a tutorial box explaining the option will appear.

The Coin Rain option is an attention getter to make sure visitors notice the Bargain button. When activated, some coin will pop out of the Bargain button then hide back to attract the shoppers eye. It will happen again when the shopper mouse over the button. 

You can Preview your configuration at any time in the right section (Bargainator Button Preview) by clicking the Refresh button. 

Once your happy with your button, it's time to decide on which products or collections you want to offer discounts. You can do this in the Active On section.

You can enter your product (1) or collection (2) name directly in the empty field, or select it from the drop down menu.
Once your product or collection is selected, click the Add button. (If you forget to click Add after selecting a product, you campaign won't run on it.)

You are almost done ;) Next, move on to Offers Configuration to decide what is the discount you want to give.

  1. Bargain On : For those working with a compared price, you can select on which price you want Bargainator to calculate the discount. If you are not using compared price on your store, leave it to Price.
  2. Negotiation Duration :  You can choose how many rounds of negotiation you want Bargaintor to haggle for. We suggest using 3-4 rounds is the best.  More than 4 rounds shoppers may get discouraged and won't reach the final offer, which would not be optimal for your conversion rate. Less than 3 leave you feeling like things we're cut short... 
  3. Offer Quantity : This is where you set the Discount you want to offer. This is also where you can set up Volume Discounts .
  4. The Max Discount Accepted is the biggest discount Bargainator will accept to offer your shoppers during negotiation. 
  5. The Last offer is given once the negotiation has reached the last round of haggling. It's the last attempt and best discount offered by Bargainator to reach a deal with the shopper. 
  6. The Min and Max Quantity are for merchants who wish to offer a bigger discount to clients who want to purchase more than a determined amount of the same items.  See example below; a client that would negotiate for 1 to 3 quantity of the same items would get a maximum of 12% off, 4 to 10 items a maximum of 18% off and 11 to 100 items a maximum discount of 22%.

Discount Options : In this section you can set a determined amount of time, in minutes or hours, before the discount expires. Nothing like FOMO to help increase conversion. (Fear of missing out)

Last but not least, DON'T FORGET to click the Create Button if it's a new campaign, or the Save Changes button if it's an existing campaign that you edited.

Voila, you've just launched a successful Bargain a Discount campaign. 

Now get as many visitors to your site as possible!

As usual, if you need any help hit the chat widget in the bottom right corner of your app dashboard.

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