First things first! Congratulation on making the first step toward growing your online business by hiring your first sales assistant; Bargainator. 

Just like some employees are required to wear a uniform so clients recognize them, the first thing you should do is change the look of Bargainator so he fits your brand/store. Last thing you want is your visitors thinking Bargainator is just another annoying pop ups like the other online tools. By changing its color to match your store, it will feel like it's really part of your team.

  • You can find the Customize Bargainator option in Settings --> Settings from your app dashboard.
  • Scroll down till you see the Customize Bargainator section (it will be  the 3rd bloc)

  1. You have the option to change Bargainator name when he presents himself to your visitors. 

2. You can change the color of the chatbot icon using the color selector or by entering the exact HEX/RGBA/HSLA code of your color.  (You can switch color type using the up/down arrows) 

3. Don't forget to save your changes in order for them to work on your site. 

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